3 This is an extended article title. It is wider and also has a two line limit.

3 This is an extended article title. It is wider and also has a two line limit.

5 tips and tricks that’ll help you think bright and bring the right light into your tiny home.



Reality check: your place is small and you’ve likely been entirely too confined. Everyone is understandably going a bit bananas these days…


We’re here to help you find the light at the end of the tunnel (which is exciting since you probably don’t even have a hallway). Make the most of your small space with these 5 simple tips!


TIP 1: Analyze and Categorize



They say “good things come in threes”, and lighting is no exception. Identify which of the following categories best captures what you want to achieve:


  • AMBIENT (the “chill zone”): Consider a lower, warmer effect that lights up the whole room but is calm and soothing enough to snuggle up with a book, beloved pet, and / or a glass of wine. We don’t like shady people, but lamps are of a different species, so don’t shy away from a cleverly-placed lampshade.
  • TASK (get down to business): It is crucial to properly light your work area. Bright breeds brilliance and you also want to avoid passing out at your desk. Chose a crisp and sharp style of lighting that’ll keep you alert and on-task, such as the xxxxxxxxxxx
  • ACCENT (in the spotlight): We all have special treasures we want to show off, be it a precious piece of art, a bizarre heirloom, or your child’s weird art project you can’t help but be proud of. Use standing accent lighting that will show off your brag-worthy things looking their absolute best. Remember, “nobody puts Baby in a corner.” - unless the corner is properly lit and with strategically positioned fixtures.