5 tips and tricks that’ll help you think bright

and bring the right light into your tiny home

Reality check: your place is small and you’ve likely been entirely too confined. Everyone is understandably going a bit bananas these days…

We’re here to help you find the light at the end of the tunnel (which is exciting since you probably don’t even have a hallway). Make the most of your small space with these 5 simple tips!

TIP 1: Analyze and Categorize

They say “good things come in threes”, and lighting is no exception. Identify which of the following categories best captures what you want to achieve:

  • AMBIENT (the “chill zone”): Consider a lower, warmer effect that lights up the whole room but is calm and soothing enough to snuggle up with a book, beloved pet, and / or a glass of wine. We don’t like shady people, but lamps are of a different species, so don’t shy away from a cleverly-placed lampshade. 
  • TASK (get down to business): It is crucial to properly light your work area. Bright breeds brilliance and you also want to avoid passing out at your desk. Chose a crisp and sharp style of lighting that’ll keep you alert and on-task, such as the Leaf Floor Lamp
  • ACCENT(in the spotlight): We all have special treasures we want to show off, be it a precious piece of art, a bizarre heirloom, or your child’s weird art project you can’t help but be proud of. Use standing accent lighting that will show off your brag-worthy things looking their absolute best. Remember, “nobody puts Baby in a corner.” - unless the corner is properly lit and with strategically positioned fixtures.
Gold Floor Lamp with a Bench

TIP 2: Stand Tall

Opt for a sleek, standing lamp that’s neutral but chic, allowing you to style accordingly as you continue to “up your game” on the apartment front. Ideally, you have at least one essential piece of furniture you love (like a chair or a cool sofa). Pick a tall, standing lamp that vibes with it...we have a handful of perfectly minimal lamps to choose from HERE.

TIP 3: Productivity is Key

The words “bright” (synonymous with intelligent) and “light” tend to be a grammatical pair that just works. So, if you want to be smart a good place to start is with a properly lit workspace - whether this is an office or nook in your beloved shoebox of an apartment. 

Make sure to set the ZEN tone in the area where you enter into “the zone” Make it inviting and remember that first impressions are a thing. This can be easily achieved with the right subtle and sleek floor lamp. 

Continue on your laborious journey to the desk and be sure to arrive at a destination where the light is bright and you can make the magic happen. A fixture like the Ezra Table Lamp that will help you stay alert as you write your thesis, pull an all-nighter to meet your deadline, or simply must take a super-glam selfie.

TIP 4: Let’s Talk About LED

LED’s are all the rage...but why are these bulbs so buzzworthy? For starters they’re energy-efficient and live 3x longer than their lesser sibling, the tired, “regular” bulb. A simple solution to avoiding those frequent burnouts that we never get around to fixing! 

These mellow yellow bulbs provide a calming aura with a tone that’s more welcoming than the rest. In fact, it’s clinically proven that they boost serotonin and mood levels which just might decrease your need to pop those pesky pills! 

The right light, regardless of the space, makes a world of difference when it comes to emotional wellness -- and this is the way to go.

TIP 5: Dim It to Win It

If you’re working with a multi-purpose living space, the dimmer is a definite necessity. This will allow you to switch up the mood based on how the room is being used at any given time -- so, brighter for “task” or “accent” purposes or scaled back for a more “ambient” appeal.

Never underestimate the impact proper lighting can have on beautifying and optimizing your surroundings. Do you want to live in a Honda Civic or a Maserati? The choice is yours…

Give these tips a whirl and don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation with our support team if you have any questions. Shine bright, people!


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